Our Staff

Our Management Team

Krista Poole, CEO
Krista Poole joined the CanLearn Society as Chief Executive Officer in 2012, where she leads a talented and creative management team. CanLearn specializes in the areas of learning, attention and literacy difficulties and children at risk. Before joining CanLearn, Krista was the Executive Director of Calgary Learns; a granting agency that works closely with the Government of Alberta .Prior to this, she was a Senior Manager with Chinook College and the Education Manager with YMCA Calgary. Krista is well-known in the non-profit sector as a big picture thinker, innovator, connector and influencer. Krista has a deep interest in working with at-risk-populations and ensuring access to learning for people with learning challenges. Krista has been a recipient of the United Way Spirit of Gold award for her work in diversity, and was awarded the Outstanding Contribution to Community Adult Learning Award in 2010. Under Krista’s leadership, Calgary Learns was the recipient of an organizational leadership award from Literacy Alberta. Krista holds a BA in International Relations, a TESL certificate, a B.ED with Distinction and taken an MBA-related stakeholder relations course. Krista has taken the Leadership Calgary, XD (Executive Directions) and Fast Pitch programs and has developed a close-knit and collaborative network of nonprofit, business and government colleagues throughout Calgary and Alberta.

Dr. Anne Price, Director of Clinical Services
Dr. Price is a Registered Psychologist and Adjunct Associate Professor, Department of Education, University of Calgary. She holds a Doctorate in Educational Psychology (University of Alberta) and a Master’s in Developmental Psychology (York University). Dr. Price specializes in assessment and program planning for individuals with learning disabilities and Attention-Deficit/Hyperactivity Disorder (ADHD) across the lifespan. Over the past 30 years she has been involved in program development and evaluation in the areas of early intervention, strategy instruction, family literacy, assistive technology, transitioning to post-secondary education and youth who come in conflict with the law. She has developed resources for teaching students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Anne joined CanLearn in 1985.

Nada Jerkovic, Manager, Literacy
Nada Jerkovic is the Manager of the CanLearn Literacy Programs. Nada has worked in the family literacy field for the past seventeen years facilitating, coordinating and developing several CanLearn family literacy programs. She has also had opportunities to facilitate numerous family literacy training workshops and presentations. She was a Centre for Family Literacy Regional Network Coordinator for Calgary and Area Region for six years and Foundations in Family Literacy Program Instructor at the Vancouver Community College for two years.


Our Clinical Team

Krista Forand, Lead Psychologist
Krista Forand, M.Ed., is currently a Registered Provisional Psychologist at CanLearn. She has experience working with children and adults with developmental disabilities, behavior challenges, learning disabilities, and ADHD. She currently facilitates intervention groups for children and adults, and enjoys working with clients one-on-one. Her growing areas of interest include mindfulness, anxiety, High Functioning Autism and trauma.

Amy Winters
Amy received her Master of Education in School and Applied Child Psychology from the University of Calgary. She has been fortunate to work and train in a variety of diverse private and community based settings with a focus in assessment, consultation and intervention services. Amy’s work with CanLearn Society focuses on assessments to facilitate increased understanding of client’s unique developmental, behavioural, cognitive and academic strengths and areas in need of support. Amy’s strength based approach to assessment and intervention supports adults, children and their families to understand and overcome challenges in a solution focused manner.

Jaime Gaber
Jaime Gaber, MSc. is a Registered Provisional Psychologist at CanLearn. She has worked in a variety of settings, including rural, public and private schools, university and health care to provide assessment, intervention and consultation services. She has experience working with children, adolescents and adults with attention, learning, social/emotional and behavioral difficulties. Jaime’s work at CanLearn has focused on facilitating and developing programs for students who have difficulty with peer relationships and dealing with emotions. She currently coordinates several CanLearn clinical programs. She is also involved in providing learning strategies to post-secondary students in the areas of organization, time management, coping and study skills.

Jodi Kresowaty
Jodi Kresowaty is a registered psychologist with CanLearn Society as well as an educator with 15 years of experience working within schools in the capacity of teacher, school-based literacy specialist and counsellor. She obtained her Masters of Science from the University of Calgary in the Division of Applied Psychology and has worked within multi-disciplinary settings and schools with individuals across the lifespan (children, adolescents and adults). Her area of expertise include the diagnosis of learning disabilities, ADHD, social/emotional and behavioral disorders, intellectual disabilities and giftedness. She has co-facilitated programs for children, young adults and adults to provide support in the areas of social development, and managing ADHD. She has also been involved in the program development of a social/emotional learning curriculum for students who have difficulty with peer relationships and dealing with emotions.

Laura Godfrey
Laura is a certified, credentialed ADHD and Life Coach working with the CanLearn Society. Laura has worked with families and adults to help them to manage their attention and learning differences and is currently taking the Self-Reg Foundations Certificate through the Mehrit Centre. Laura has also had training in financial literacy and financial coaching. For the past eleven years, she has also coordinated the operations of LearningLinks library at CanLearn.  Laura is a graduate from the ADD Coach Academy and the SAIT Library and Information Technology program.

Dr. Michael Lee Zwiers
Dr. Michael Lee Zwiers is a registered psychologist who practices in the areas of Clinical, Counselling, and School Psychology. He specializes in the assessment and treatment of learning disabilities, attention disorders, anxiety and mood disorders across the lifespan and has a special interest in clinical diagnosis. Dr. Zwiers is a senior psychologist at the CanLearn Society and an Assistant Professor in the University of Calgary’s Werklund School of Education.

Dr. Sally O’Rourke
Sally O’Rourke received her Ph.D. in Applied Psychology in Special Education from the University of Calgary. The focus of her research was on successful post-secondary students with learning disabilities and ADHD. Her clinical practice specializes in individuals across the lifespan who are experiencing barriers related to academic or workplace success, and includes a special interest in learning disabilities, ADHD, gifted and talented learners, as well as mental health concerns, such as anxiety and depression.


Our Medical Associates

Dr. Chris Lever
Dr. Chris Lever is a community Pediatrician with 18 years of experience in the City of Calgary. He has affiliations to the Department of Pediatrics and the University of Calgary as a Clinical Associate Professor and is actively involved in teaching medicine at all trainee levels.

Dr. Geraldine Farrelly
Dr. Farrelly is a Developmental Pediatrician and a Clinical Associate Professor at the University of Calgary and holds a joint appointment in the Department of Pediatrics and the Department of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Practice Centre on ADHD in Calgary. She has focused on AD/HD throughout her career and is cofounder of the Attention Clinic at the CanLearn Society. She is on the Board of CADDRA (Canadian ADHD Resource Alliance) which develops and promotes Canadian ADHD Practice Guidelines. She is actively involved in the diagnosis and treatment of children and youth with ADHD through the CanLearn Society and the Treatment Resistant ADHD Clinic, Alberta Hearth services. Dr. Farrelly has been an invited speaker on AD/HD at National and International conferences and has published on AD/HD and other related topics in peer reviewed papers in Canada and in the United States.

Dr. Trevor Prior
Dr. Trevor Prior is a Psychiatrist with special interests in working with adults with ADHD, high-functioning Autistic Spectrum Disorder and in psychopharmacology. He received his Medical Degree from the University of Calgary and completed his Residency at the University of Alberta. He has a PhD from the Cambridge University in Biochemistry and completed a post-doctoral fellowship at the National Institutes of Health in Bethesda MD. He is a Clinical Associate Professor in Psychiatry at the University of Calgary.


Our Literacy Team

Amanda Carbajal
Amanda has been facilitating literacy skills for a number of years in children and youth, and is excited to be expanding to helping adults through CanLearn as well. She has an interest in helping families as a whole, so being part of the Family Literacy team is a great fit for her. She also has an interest in the intersection of adapting to a new culture, and learning a new language for new comers to Canada. Amanda continues to develop her facilitation skills and pursue her interests through a variety of training opportunities, and is working towards helping the CanLearn team in other areas in the near future.

Andrew Yu
With an B.Ed. from Queens University, Andrew has found his place at the CanLearn society working with Adult Learners in Calgary. His practice is motivated by seeing his learners succeed, and reach their learning goals. He uses a very learner centered approach in his sessions, and is always looking for new ways to engage his learners. Andrew believes that it is never too late to start learning something you are truly passionate about, and that learners always have the capacity to grow and improve.

Kim Parke
The best way to help young children meet success in their literacy development is by supporting the family. Kim’s passion is bringing opportunity, instruction and encouragement to child and adult learners. A native of Toronto and graduate of the University of Waterloo, Kim has worked with families in the fields of early childhood, disability and community development. She has been a team member in Learning Starts at Home and Magic Carpet Ride programs since joining CanLearn in 2006.

Lori Roadhouse Haney
Lori Roadhouse Haney, B.A. is a Family Literacy Coordinator at CanLearn. Her passion and calling is working with young children, especially non-English learners who are new to our city. She enjoys helping prepare children for preschool and kindergarten, as well as providing their parents with support as they integrate into their neighbourhood and community. Lori also contracts her expertise as a literacy facilitator with FESA, and as an instructor, mentor and international mentor with Roots of Empathy. Lori is an accomplished poet and writer, and enjoys travelling and learning more about the world.

Gwen Schaefer
Gwen Schaefer received her B.Ed. in Saskatchewan, moved to Calgary in 1991 where she taught preschool for 14 years. During her part time employment Gwen volunteered with Share the Magic and was a facilitator with WordPlay for 5 years before becoming the coordinator for both programs in 2015. She is passionate about her work as a literacy coordinator for programs with young children.

Sandy Ireland
Sandy is a former preschool teacher of 8 years and has worked as aLiteriteracy Coordinator at CanLearn for 13 years. Sandy loves working with families with children 0-5 years of age in home and in group settings. She has brought her expertise and passion for working with families to a number of CanLearn programs including Learning Starts at Home, Magic Carpet Ride, Word Play and Camp CanLearn.

Sarah Grunau
Sarah has a BSc in Elementary Education and a variety of experiences building capacity in people of all ages through education. She is passionate about working with people who are marginalized, including refugees and people at risk of homelessness. She enjoys facilitating Learning Starts at Home and other CanLearn programs. She also is involved with CanLearn’s partnership with Calgary Urban Project Society, bringing a focus on literacy development to the families there. She loves CanLearn’s commitment to equipping adults with the tools they need to foster literacy in their families, knowing that this will strengthen whole families for generations in innumerable ways. She joined the CanLearn team in 2015.


Our Fund Development Associate

Debra Wong
Debra has a B.A. Communications, Honours distinction from U of C. After sitting on the Steering Committee, CanLearn PGI event for 2 years, Debra was inspired by the outstanding work that CanLearn did in the community and joined CanLearn as the Senior Development Associate in the fall of 2015. Debra brings to CanLearn over 26 years experience, as an consultant in fund development and donor relations, has worked with over 30 non-profit organizations and has served on over 25 Boards in the community. Debra is passionate about what she does and believes we can all give back in some way to make our community a healthy, vibrant and better place to live.