ADHD & LD Services

Since 1979 CanLearn has provided knowledge and experience in the assessment and treatment of learning and attention difficulties (ADHD), gifted and Autism Spectrum Disorder.  Our team offers:

  • A complete and in-depth approach to assessments that includes interviewing, observation, and questionnaires
  • team approach to assessments involves psychologists and pediatricians
  • high level of expertise and specialization in the areas of learning and assessment for all ages
  • Learning strategy sessions
  • ADHD Coaching with trained and certified ADHD Coaches.


How do I Book an Appointment?

  • Call us!  403-686-9300 ext. 102 or complete the online form.

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CanLearn Society is a non-profit organization that accepts referrals from physicians and other community professionals although no formal referral is required.


Who Will Help Me?

Our highly experienced psychologists, physicians, and facilitators are some of the best in their field.



Services are billed to the client at an hourly rate. Clients are responsible for payment after each visit.



Many private and employer benefit plans provide coverage for services by Registered Psychologists and other professionals. Services provided by our physicians are covered by Alberta Health Services.


Financial Assistance

CanLearn wants everyone to have the opportunity to get help with their learning and attention issues. Assistance is available for those who feel they would benefit from our services, but are financially not able to pay for assessment services, ADHD coaching or learning strategy sessions.

This assistance is made possible through generous community donations and funders.

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