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Are you looking for ideas to help struggling learners?

The CanLearn Society has received funding from Calgary Learns to develop a Practitioner’s Toolkit to support reading instruction for adult learners with suspected learning disabilities.  It is estimated that at least 30% and as many as 60% of adults in literacy and adult foundational learning programs have learning disabilities (LD).  The Toolkit will assist instructors to understand an adult leaner’s strengths and needs and to connect this understanding with appropriate intervention focusing on practical strategies to build confidence, overcome negative self-perceptions, increase motivation/engagement of learners and strategies to improve reading skills.

To assist with this work, CanLearn is inviting practitioners to participate in two ways:

  • Completing a survey about practice in the field. Click here to take the survey now.
  • Participating in a focus group to review materials and provide feedback.  The focus group will meet three times over the coming year.

For more information about the focus group, please contact Anne Price 403-686-9300 x110, or by email.