Family Literacy

Young children are born curious, excited and eager to learn. Playful and age-appropriate learning experiences during early years open the door for learning and school succcess. These experiences come out of ordinary things that families can do together.

Flashcards, latest computer programs, expensive toys? – Not Needed!

Talking, sharing books, singing, playing with the important adults in their lives? – Priceless!

The primary goal of the Family Literacy Programs at CanLearn is to help parents gain a better understanding of how children learn. We teach them how to incorporate language and literacy into everyday activities, and we give them strategies so they can succeed with the important job of being their child’s first and best teacher.

A family literacy program can be the first step for parents and caregivers in taking up learning opportunities to benefit their own learning. We are proud of the parents who have started their learning journey with us. They have moved on to pursue careers such as preschool teachers, educational assistants, medical receptionists, and more.

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For more information about our family literacy programs, click on the icons above. To register for any of the family literacy programs, please contact our Family Literacy Manager at 403-686-9300 Ext. 128 or by email.

Thank you TELUS Spark Community Connections for this incredible experience!