Magic Carpet Ride- Inspiring Families to Learn and Read Together

Meet Mia and Paul:

Mia is originally from China and came to Canada in 2007 with her husband. They welcomed their son, Paul, to the family in 2011. Without her family and friends, her husband at work every day, and with limited English Mia felt very lonely and isolated. Mia knew she wanted Paul to learn English, but preschool costs and her lack of confidence held her back. Mia found out about CanLearn’s Magic Carpet Ride program after receiving a flyer in her mailbox. She discussed the program with her husband and decided to join. Now there is no stopping Mia and Paul!

Here is what Mia has to say about the Magic Carpet Ride program:

“It was so much fun… I learned that my son did not need expensive toys and that I can use what I already have in my home to help him learn. The activities were easy to follow, and the teacher was supportive and encouraged me to participate. This is how my English speaking skills improved. I met other mothers and I made friends. Magic Carpet has become a very important part of our lives and helped my son get ready for school. I like it when I see Paul learning at home. What I love the most is when we read bedtime stories together.”

Mia has been inspired to pursue her own learning. She wants to become a nurse.

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