Special Interview Episode with Dr. Gerry Giesbrecht

In this episode, psychologist Krista Forand, interviews researcher Dr Gerry Giesbrecht, from the Owerko Centre (Alberta Children’s Hospital Research Institute) in Calgary, Alberta. Dr Giesbrecht discusses his research, which focuses on how supportive spouses can have a positive influence on infants’ stress responses. In celebration of Father’s Day this week, Dr Giesbrecht’s research reminds us that fathers (and other partners) play a crucial role in the development of healthy stress responses in children (among other areas of development).

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Web resources provided in the podcast:

The Impact of Early Adversity on Children’s Development (Website)

Residual Effects of Early Life Stress (Website)

The Owerko Centre (Website)

Strengths in ADHD (Website)

Stay tuned for more interviews from local researchers about ADHD related topics!

Birdies for Kids 2018

CanLearn was chosen…

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Birdies for Kids is a non-profit program run under the Calgary Shaw Charity Classic Foundation.

Summer Reading Program 2018

If you live in the Calgary area and are interested in getting help for your child with reading, consider CanLearn’s Reading Pilots program. This is a quick podcast that will give you information about this new CanLearn program.

A limited number of spaces are available for the program.

If you and your child are interested in being a part of this program, contact Jody Wood, Reading Specialist.

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