Adult ADHD Group is Online this Fall!

Adult ADHD Group is Online this Fall!

June 26, 2020

Our Adult ADHD Group is Online this Fall – FREE for Qualifying Participants!

In these uncertain times, many people are feeling anxious and overwhelmed. The pandemic raises unique challenges for individuals with ADHD. They are responding and dealing with increased anxiety and stress as they adjust to changes in their environment and routines. However, with practical strategies and coping tools, you can adapt to changes and re-gain control over your life. We are here to help!

If you have ADHD or suspect you have ADHD, we are committed to helping you understand your strengths and challenges. We can help you develop strategies to help you handle life’s challenges. More Than Just Making Lists is an intensive skill-based program intended to help with goal-setting, time management, procrastination, routines, organization, healthy living, emotional regulation, coping with anxieties and relationship issues. It is a unique program to help you make changes in your life through learning practical skills and strategies alongside your peers.

This ten-week program includes a variety of shared pieces ranging from psychoeducation, large group work, small-group discussions, individual work and paired work. Each week different strategies will be offered that relate to a specific topic area. Practice is an essential part of making change, and participants are expected to try out each strategy throughout the week and report back to the group about how it went.

We are now offering the More Than Just Making Lists program ONLINE so you can access support from the comfort and safety of your home. CanLearn is offering The More Than Just Making Lists program FREE to qualifying participants this fall. To be considered for the FREE program, we will be asking you to complete a short survey to help us understand how you have been personally impacted.

If you think you might be interested in this group, please email at or phone us at 403-686-9300, Ext 102, to reserve your spot.

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