Careers at CanLearn

CanLearn Society is a leader in services for learning and attention difficulties. The CanLearn team members include:

  • psychologists
  • learning and literacy specialists
  • paediatricians
  • ADHD Coaches
  • early childhood educators.


We have the following positions open:

Project Facilitator

The Working Together at the Intersection of Adult Foundational Learning, Literacy and Poverty Initiative is seeking a Project Facilitator to support the  project stakeholders and Advisory Committee in various capacities to ensure smooth operations and implementation of the strategic vision for the Initiative.

The role requires experience in stakeholder engagement, a passion for adult foundational learning, as well as a commitment to improving the lives
of adults experiencing low literacy and poverty.

Download job description now.



CanLearn is a registered charity that has been providing services to Calgary and area since 1979.


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